Course Objective:

The primary aim of the program is to help students identify their own subject matter and to develop the formal language appropriate to its expression. What the language will be and whether representable, abstract or otherwise will emerge from the students exploration and understand of both historical & contemporary concept. It explores and gives the students exposure and wide opportunities to understand and train ones talent and aptitude in the creative field so as to make a good professional in areas of Art and Design in industry.

Semester: 01

1. Sketching & Drawing -I
2. Elements of Design
3. Colour
4. Geometry -I
5. Engineering Graphics
6. Material exploration -I

Semester: 02

1. Sketching & Drawing- II
2.Principles of design
3. Geometry II
4. Material exploration II
5.Visual composition
6. Introduction to Photography
7. Computer applications I

Semester: 03

1. Digital Media in Social Content
2. Narrative Skills I
3. Introduction to imaging tool & techniques
4. Introduction to game design I
5. Introduction to typography
6. 2D Animation I
7. Desktop Publishing

Semester: 04

1. Digital Imaging
2. Narrative Skills II
3. Introduction to 3D Computer Animation
4. Introduction to digital video tools & techniques
5. Introduction to game design II
6. 2D Animation II
7.Brand Communication

Semester: 05

1. 3D Modelling & Animation I
2. Visual Effects & Motion graphics
3. MEL Scripting for artists
4. Level design in games
5. Digital sound design I
6. Website design I
7. Elements of video production

Semester: 06

1. 3D Modelling &Animation II
2. Digital sound design II
3. Type in motion
4. Game production and prototyping
5. Portfolio design
6. Elements of video production II
7. Environment design

Semester: 07

1. 3D Modelling, UV Mapping & Texturing
2. Open elective
3. Self-Study
4. Web design II
5. Digital graphic art
6. Game design
7. Project (Elective)

Semester: 08

1. Degree Project

Course Duration: 4 year.
Eligibility: A candidate must be (10+2).
New Batch Dates: 17th July, 2017.
Fee Structure: Rs.30,000-/ per semester.