Course Objective:

The objective of this course is for students to broaden their perceptions of interior space, which enables them to create visual compositions using both twodimensional and three-dimensional objects. The course adopts an inter-disciplinary approach, integrating the subjects of material science and design skills. Students are encouraged to work as interns on live projects with major architects and interior design firms.

Semester 01

1. Fundamental of Structures I
2. Theory of Design
3. Freehand Drawing and geometric construment
4. Material Exposure
5. Communication Skills
6. Introduction to Computers I
7. Fundamentals of Design I

Semester 02

1. Fundamental of Structures II
2. Research Strategies Design Process
3. Analytical Drawing
4. Basic Photography
5. Humanities Art Appreciation and Appraisal
6. Introduction to Computers II
7. Fundamentals of Design II

Semester 03

1. History of Crafts & Interior Design I
2. Interior Materials I
3. Anthropometry and Ergonomics
4. Technical Drawing and Computer Applications
5. Interior Construction I
6. Interior Design I

Semester 04

1. Building Services I
2. Interior Materials II
3. Elective: Poetry and Literature or Elective: Journalism
4. Advance Computer Applications
5. Interior Construction II
6. Interior Design II

Semester 05

1. Building Services II
2. Interior Materials III
3. Elective: Dance and Music or Elective: Theatre and Film Making
4. Materials and Processes I
5. Interior Construction III
6. Interior Design III

Semester 06

1. Building Services III
2. Cost Estimation
3. Elective: Human Interaction or Elective: Marketing
4. Arts and Crafts
5. Interior Construction IV
6. Interior Design IV

Semester 07

1. Building Services IV
2. Professional Practice
3. Specifications and Controls
4. Product Semantics
5. Interior Landscape
6. Interior Design V

Semester 08

1. Seminar – Thesis Topic
2. Dissertation (Case Study) Thesis Topic
3.Interior Design - Thesis

Course Duration: 4 Year.
Eligibility: A candidate must be (10+2).
New Batch Dates: 17th July, 2017.
Fee Structure: Rs.30,000-/ per semester.