Course Objective:

The Master in Fashion Design is an in depth integration into the creative, cultural and productive aspects of the fashion system, made out of a daily dialogue between experts of the industry and need to create an important figure who has the capacity to govern and guide the creative process, from material experimentation to the visual communication of the product. The Master in Fashion Design is a journey of experience and opportunity that skillfully combines theory with important partnerships, which are qualifying and decisive for the path of every Academy student.

Semester 01

1. Principles of Fashion
2. Pattern Making and Garment Construction –I
3. Fashion Art and Illustration – I
4. Fabric Painting
5. Dyeing & Printing
6. Communication Skills

Semester 02

1. Basic Designing
2. Embroidery
3. Traditional Indian Textiles
4. CAD Basics
5. Pattern Making & Garment Construction –II
6. Fashion Art & Illustration –II

Semester 03

1. Advance Designing
2. Pattern Making Garment Construction –III
3. Fashion Art & Illustration –III
4. CAD Advance
5. Textile Science
6. Marketing & Retailing

Semester 04

1. Pattern Making and Garment Construction –IV
2. Entrepreneurship
3. History of World Costumes
4. Survey & Project
5. Portfolio
6. Workshop & Site visits

Course Duration: 2 Year.
Eligibility: A candidate must be graduated.
New Batch Dates: 17th July, 2017.
Fee Structure: Rs.40,000-/ per semester.