About EERA Academy a Visual Arts Institute

EERA ACADEMY of Visual Arts is a world of creativity, innovation and inspiration in itself. We offer courses varying from art and design to fashion and communication. Our courses work as a sturdy base for the students to catapult a successful career in creative industries. We take pride in our ideology of transforming a career into an example that will be followed. We strive to help our students to identify the potential in them. As well as, shaping it to create better future prospects and a lucrative career out of it.

We prowess in pampering all the creative buds because we are backed by world class facilities and revered faculty members, who are well versed with the intricacies of the creative industry. This provides a great opportunity for our students to learn and practice the art from the industry stalwarts. We believe that imagination is also an art that can create wonders if used the right way and so, we work towards turning that art into an inspiring piece of creative brilliance.

For us, every student has a finesse that can outwit anyone else trying to match up. So, we help our students to identify what they can do best. This makes it easy for them to introspect their aficionados. Learning from the basics to the advanced, our students get real time extensive practical approach on subjects. At EERA, we foster out-of-the-box ideas and encourage an environment where the free flow of communication has its own special place.

Amidst the creative development of students, we also provide our students with the required internship opportunities. This enables them to have a cling on the principles of a particular industry where a student envisions his/her career. Our learning is strong to the core and is not bound to just studio learning. We at EERA are nurturing creative minds and are working towards an innovative and artistic future of our students.