Animation Course





EERA  Academy  Of Visual Arts provides animation courses in delhi which includes 2d animation, 3d animation. We provide animation short term courses, diploma, advance diploma courses  and bachelors degree in animation and video editing. EERA Academy comes in delhi’s top institutes for animation and also comes in vfx training institutes. The courses which we provide are for students who wish to enter in animation and video editing or in vfx industry  or for those working people who want to change their field and want to come in film industry.

Classroom instruction is delivered by experienced faculty. Here we provide guest lecturers also. Every month we conduct exhibition  for our students, where  students come up with unique designs and ideas. We provide studio visits, news channels visits for our students. In animation and video editing  module we focuses more on practical’s rather than theories.

Firstly, we start with Stages Of Production  theory  in which we cover Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. In Pre-Production we learn how to develop ideas and convert it into a story and according to that we make scripts and storyboards. In Production we learn about modelling, texturing, rendering, rigging, character animation, layout design, lightning. Last but not the least and very important stage Post-Production in which we learn about sound designing, dubbing, final mixing, adjustments.

After that we start learning software’s. First we start with 2d animation and the software which we will use for this is Adobe Flash. 2d animation is basically a two-dimensional. This type of animation is basically use for making children’s rhymes, motion graphics etc.  Modules which we cover in Adobe Flash are:

Introduction to Flash software, Character designing, Background designing, 2d text animation, Character animation, how to make effects like fire, water, rain, bubbles, punching  etc.

Next we start with 3d animation and the software which we will use for this is Autodesk 3ds Max. Max is basically three-dimensional. This type of animation is use for making games, characters, backgrounds, effects. 3d animation basically shows reality. Modules which we cover in 3ds Max are:

Introduction to 3d, Modelling, Texturing, Rendering, Rigging, we also learn about camera settings, lightning techniques.

The above which we discussed is the part of animation, now we discuss about video editing and vfx.

Premier Pro is the video editing program. It is used in post-production. You can shoot your  own videos or you can work on other videos then edit it in premier – pro. The modules which we cover in Premier Pro are:

Introduction to Premier Pro, how to shoot videos and import it to premier pro, how to add or remove video clippings, audio and video transitions, audio and video effects, how to take shots from different angles, uses of key frames, how can we work on multiple clippings and we also work on different audio techniques.

Next we start with vfx which means Visual effects and the software which we will use for vfx is After Effects. It is used in post-production. In this software we do motion graphics, compositing,  animation. The modules which we cover in Adobe After Effects are:

Introduction to After Effects, motion graphics, types of tracking, logo animation, working with different camera angles, how to animate effects.


Animation is one of the fastest growing career options in our country these days. The want for more and more skilled animators has brought about a rise in job opportunities and ascended the demand for for animation as a lucrative career option. The demand has exceeded the supply as the animation industry requires more than 30,000 professionals every year.


To prepare you for a well-paying career in this field, EERA Academy provides world-class education. EERA Academy offers a variety of animation, filmmaking, VFX, multimedia & web designing courses that get you job-ready in a few months.