Animation Advance Course

The Main objective of this programme is to focuses on developing skills in any one of the many areas of expertise within the animation and visual effects industry. The programme educates students in all aspects of animation and visual effects, from ideation to post-production.
Communication, collaboration and time management skills are emphasised throughout the programme to ensure that graduates are acclimated to the intense professional culture that awaits them.


• History of Animation and Drawing Basics
• Classical Animation
• Drawing for Animation
• Colour Study and Background Design
• Documentation and Storytelling
• Film Language
• Storytelling – Boarding, Design and Development
• Animation Layout and Design
• 2D – Animation
• Pre-production
• Digital Art
• Graphic Novel: Self Study (Project Presentation)
• Model Animation: Self Study (Project Presentation)
• Material Animation/Time Lapse/Pixilation : Self Study.

Course Duration: 1 Year
Eligibility: A candidate must be (10+2)

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