Animation Foundation Course

This programme has been specifically designed to provide a launch-pad to the 10+2 students towards a successful career in visual effects for films, television, and emerging applications for 3D visualisation and animation. The comprehensive programme covers the fundamentals of art, animation design and visual effects, and subsequent application of these basics to 3D modelling, character animation, character rigging, texturing and lighting, compositing, visual effects and more.


• History of Animation and Drawing Basics
• Colour Study and Background Development
• Human Anatomy and Character Designing
• Classical Animation
• 3D Software Interface
• 3D Modelling Basics
• 3D Texturing Basics
• 3D Lighting Basics
• Life Skill and Personality Development
• Rigging and Animation
• VFX & Compositing

Course Duration: 1 Year.
Eligibility: A candidate must be (10+2).

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