Job & Internship




EERA ACADEMY of Visual Arts provides essential support and guidance to our students for getting into various creative industries. Jobs and internships are an integral part of our academic process as we keep on delivering better opportunities for our students. During the course of learning, the students go through different parameters of a subject. This prepares them holistically for future prospects in the industry that they want to make their career in.

Our internships work as a great learning ground for students looking to explore the heights and the depths of an industry.


To help our students as well as others to showcase any kind of creative stuff, we provide them with an ample space of exhibiting their work. This gives an opportunity to be the face under the spotlight and elucidate the art that could possibly intrigue the visitors and give an identity to your work. Apart from this, the work can also be sold for its best price.


We have devoted an important space of the year to practically lucrative events and workshops. They are probably one of the best ways for a student to communicate themselves out to other creative professionals. Also, to learn new skills or even to imbibe a great piece of advice from the ones followed and revered. Our events & workshops are a great way for students to introspect into the coveted creative industry.


More often than not, a freelance business requires an idea and good will among the market of interest. This helps you create your own unique identity and get rewarded with work that you’ve been striving for. There are many different approaches to this and it depends on the strategy and self-promotion too. We can give the required and essential advice to turn your idea into a thriving business.