Fashion Design Courses in Delhi







EERA Academy provides fashion design courses in Delhi. We provide short-term courses, advanced diploma courses and bachelors degree in fashion designing. We also provide masters in fashion management in Delhi. EERA Academy comes in top fashion designing degree colleges in Delhi. The courses which we provide are for students who wish to enter in the fashion industry or for those working people who want to change their field and want to come in the fashion field.  Classroom instruction is delivered by experienced faculty. Here we provide guest lecturers also. Every month we conduct exhibition for our students, where students come up with unique designs and ideas. We provide export houses visits, market visits for our students. In fashion designing module we focus more on practical’s rather than theories.

Fashion Designing is basically the application of design. It is not basically the designing of clothes, you can also design accessories, footwear, jewelry, bags etc.

The modules which we cover in fashion designing are:

Illustrations, garment constructions, the making of croquis, dress designing, color schemes, bag designing, making of dresses on software like Photoshop, Corel Draw, and illustrator.

Firstly, we start with different types of shadings then by using mathematical equations croquis are made.

After learning shadings and croquis we start making different types of dresses which includes Indian, western etc.  After making sketches on sheets we start making our model on software.

We start with Photoshop, there we edit our images, make different types of patterns, changing the color of patterns, changing backgrounds, making posters related to fashion or anything.

In Corel Draw and Illustrator we make dresses with different types of designs, making logos, patterns, floral designs etc.

After completing software’s, we start garment construction in which we give knowledge to students about fabrics, threads, machines, needles

Apart from fashion designing, we also offer students bag designing course. In this, we tell students how to make different types of bags, pouches with different fabrics. 

 This course enables students to pursue careers in Fashion Design, Fashion Contour Textile Design, Fashion Promotion & Imaging, Fashion Styling & Photography, Fashion Business and Textile Design.
Our programmes have strong industrial pathways to ensure the most successful and meaningful careers for graduates. You are encouraged to participate in national and international showcase events appropriate to the program.