Fine Arts (Advance Graduate)

In this program, students develop advance creative and artistic abilty in a variety of studios areas. Through practical & theortical mechanism, students are challenged to achieve their individuals goals and objectives as artists within a variety of traditional & non traditional media.Students investigate critical prespectives, synthesize advanced skills and apply advanced evaluative techniques.
Students gain professional & entrepreneurial skills for professional practice and self employment, necessary to successfully operative within the various professions of fine art.


a) Free hand Drawing
b) Objects and Nature study
c) Different Techniques:
– Proportion, Volume
– Visual Perspective
– Eye Level & Vanishing Point
– Horizontal and Vertical lines
d) Different Techniques:
– Bold and Rhythmic lines
– Relationship between lines
– Value and Texture
– Sketching from different angles
e) Indoor sketching.
f) Medium – Pencil, Charcoal, Dry Pastel.
a) Introduction to various techniques.
b) Study of foreground and background with drapery.
c) Texture study with different materials like cloth, wood, glass, bronze, mirror, china clay, terracotta,etc.
d) Selection and arrangement of objects.
e) Eye level, source of light, tonal variation, composition.
f) Drawing from different angles.
g) Details about light & shades.
h) Medium – Pencil, Pencil Colours.
a) Free hand drawing from human figure to study proportion.
b) Stick drawing and Block drawing.
c) Basic anatomy, Head study from different angles.
d) Full figure study.
e) Quick sketching and Finished sketching.
f) Sketching practice of different parts of body.
a) Basic introduction with theory.
b) Selection of artistic view with picture frames.
c) Detail study of variation in sunlight.
d) Addition and elimination, simplification, eyelevel and Vanishing Point.
e) Perspective, balance and rhythms in composition.
f) Study of Cityscape and Seascape.
g) Medium – Pencil, Charcoal, Crayon, Water Colours and Oil Colours (Any Two).
a) Principal of design, distribution of space.
b) Importance of line, tone, texture, colour, form, content.
c) Negative and Positive Designing
d) Design exercise in different media.
e) Different figurative composition practice
f) Medium – Pencil, Acrylic colour, Poster.


a)Details sheet sketches making.
c)Drapery medium study.
d)Medium Graphite pencil, oil colour, Charcoal.
a) Abstract paintings.
b) More artistic abstract art painting
C) Half/ Semi abstract art paintings
d)Texture making
e) Medium- oil colour, acrylic colour, Mixed Medium.
a) Live portraits
b) live sketching details.
c) Sketching practice of different moving objects.
d) Advance detailing live sketches.
e) mediumGraphite pencil, pencil colour, oil colour, acrylic colour.
a) Use nature objects in painting.
b) Outdoor practices of objects paintings.
c) Work on creative theme and series.
d) Medium – Water Colours and Oil Colours, Graphite pencil.
a)Detailed practice on different compositions.
b) Abstract compositions.
c) Imaginary compositions.
d) Medium – Pencil, Acrylic colour, Poster.

Course Duration: 1 year
Eligibility: A candidate must be graduated