fine arts

Fine Arts

Eera Academy is an institution for short term, Diploma, Advance Diploma and Degree courses in Fine Arts. Registered as a trust, under the name of EERA EDUCATION FOUNDATION. All the modules are structured to bring in the right level of intellect to develop the advance level of creativity and thought. It is one of the best ranked colleges for Art and Design courses. Studio set up at EERA provides a creative environment to students to develop their thought process along with practical skills. We conduct open sessions of interaction amongst students to bring confidence, experience and skills which is necessary to play an effective role as a professional artist in art industry. It is a studio based course which consists of exciting modules –  Painting, Drawing, Digital Media, Sculpture, Ceramics, Mix Media, Installation Art, Abstract Art and many more. Rather than theory our main focus is on practical experimentation to make our students ready for the contemporary world. Tutorial sessions are conducted on weekly basis. We have various workshops and facilities and professional trainers who have long term experience in art and design industry. Faculties encourage students to trust their creative minds and experiment in order to develop their own art language. These fine arts courses are designed to bridge the gap between traditional fine arts practice and contemporary language of arts. Students get chance to be involved in art seminars, exhibitions, talks, art projects within the city and outside as well. Institution also hold an exhibition annually for all students, bringing together professional artists, art critics, arty curators and gallerists. This helps our students to take advice from industry experts – in order to make them ready to enter the industry.

EERA has number of 350 students for Fine Arts Courses. The Institution has small number of seats to provide supportive atmosphere to each student. Students are trained here with practical, theoretical and professional aspects from industry expert trainers. Students are encouraged to develop and experiment their ideas with new concepts and thought process. Students are supposed to be part of public events, conducted by EERA , which makes it easy for them to execute their own creative ideas.


Today, opportunities are increasing at a rapid rate in the fine arts sector. Presently, youth in India is opting for this field to obtain high remuneration, popularity and prestige. They can join various fields such as Art Studio, Publishing house and can exhibit their art work in galleries. Many people are self employed as Artist in this field; Which enables them to work on various projects.


EERA Academy of Visual Art encourages creativity through a progressive curriculum dedicated to art, crafts and handicrafts. It gives child freedom of expression through various medium like drawing, painting, crafts, clay modelling, etc.