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EERA  Academy  Of Visual Arts provides short-term, diploma, advanced diploma courses and bachelors degree in graphic designing and Photoshop and coreldraw training in Delhi. The courses which we provide are for students who wish to enter in graphics industry or for those working people who want to change their field and want to come in the creative field.

EERA Academy comes in the top institute for bachelors in graphic design in Delhi and indesign & illustrator training in delhi. Classroom instruction is delivered by experienced faculty. Here we provide guest lecturers also. Every month we conduct exhibition  for our students, where  students come up with unique designs and ideas. We provide studio visits, news channels visits for our students. In Graphic Designing module we focus more on practical’s rather than theories. In this module, we cover four software’s plus design fundamentals theory.

Firstly we start with Design Fundamentals  theory in which we learn about Fundamentals of Design, Drawing Theory (types of drawing, types of lines and shapes), Colour Theory (colour wheel, primary, secondary, tertiary colours, warm and cool colours, tints, shades, complementary colours, characteristics of colours), Graphics (raster, vector, resolution, formats), Design Elements (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, perspective, colour balance, contrast), Typography (fonts, punctuation, letter spacing, paragraphs, pages, digital typography), Scanning and Colour Correction (black and white, unsharp masking, image file formats), Printing (digital printing, common printing problems, modern printing technology, Imposition and binding).  

After that we start learning Software’s. Graphic Designing only depends on software’s.

First software which we start is Adobe Photoshop. The most important and most usable software in every field. It  is basically image editing software or you can also say that it is a image creation software. This software is used by photographers, graphic designers, video game artist, advertising, and also by  fashion and interior designers. This is the basic software in designing field. Topics which we cover in Adobe Photoshop are:

Introduction to Photoshop, how to create or edit images, what type of images can we use for editing, how to create masking effects, how to use filters, how can we manipulate our images, how can we make backgrounds or edit backgrounds, how can we change cloths patterns.

Next we start with Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator  is basically vector based software or you can also say that it is one of the image-creating software. It is used to draw illustrations, cartoons, diagrams, charts, logos. If you want to draw image or anything this software will use mathematical equations to draw out the shapes. Topics which we cover in Adobe Illustrator  are:

Introduction to illustrator, how to use or create multiple art boards, how to make illustrations with shapes and tools, how we can trace characters or artworks, we can also design posters in any size, we can make logos and can create our own patterns, we learn how to create clipping masks.

Next is Corel Draw. This is vector based software. It includes contrast adjustments, adding special effects like borders to images and it is capable of making multiple pages. Topics which we cover in Corel Draw are:

Introduction to Corel Draw, how to create simple report cover, making of slideshow presentation,  creating brochures, working with colour harmonies

Last but not the least is Adobe Indesign. It is desktop publishing software in which we can create multiple pages. Topics which we cover are:

Introduction to Adobe Indesign, how we can insert image in an indesign document, how to design magazines, flyers, cover designing, making of E-book.


Students can pursue careers as designer through a variety of entry level positions in graphic design or advertising agencies, motion design or interactive design studios, television and the entertainment and game industry. Students may also pursue freelance opportunities.


EERA Academy of Visual Art provides hand on training in industry standard software tools, which allow students to present their design solutions in variety of formats. Designers.