Interior Designing Courses In Delhi


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EERA  Academy  Of Visual Arts provides Interior designing course in Delhi. The courses which we provide are for students who want to work as an interior designer or furniture designer. We also provide autocad training in Delhi, 3ds Max training in Interior designing. We also provide short-term Interior courses. EERA Academy comes in best colleges for Interior designing in Delhi.

  Classroom instruction is delivered by experienced faculty. Here we provide guest lecturers also. Every month we conduct exhibition for our students, where students come up with unique designs and ideas. We provide site visits for our students. In the interior designing module, we focus more on practical’s rather than theories.

Interior Designing is basically related to art and science. There are many types of Interior Designers which are working as a residential designer, commercial designer, hospitality designer, healthcare designer, universal designer, exhibition designer.

First, we start with space planning, In this, we explain to students how they can occupy space in simple words you can also say that you have given a space and in that space, it’s your idea your creativity that how you can make plan or in how much space you can design or construct. The main function of space planning is to design blocks in areas, different pattern styles, layout for furniture’s, building system interface, security and privacy issues, space allocation criteria’s etc.

Next, we start with drafting or architectural drafting, These drawings are different from others because they are drawn with a scale which includes measurements and detailed information about the structure. These drawings include floor plans, elevations, ceiling plans, mechanical information such as electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, and heating plans. In this, we also learn types of drafting which include technical sketch, mechanical drafting, computer drafting.

Above which we have discussed are all sheet works. After planning and drafting on sheets, now we draft on software which is Autodesk AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is a software which is provided by Autodesk.  AutoCAD is basically the computer-aided design program used for 2-D, 3-D, and drafting design. It is the most important drawing program in Interior field. People who are working on AutoCAD are also named as drafters. People in this industry are working as Mechanical drafters, Architectural drafters, civil drafters, electrical drafters, electronics drafters. Modules which we cover in Autodesk AutoCAD  are as follows:

Introduction to AutoCAD,  how to set the workspace, different commands on AutoCAD, how we can manipulate properties, working on viewports and printings, making of 2d line drawings, 3d constructions, knowledge about dimensions, units, measurements,  properties etc.

After drafting it in AutoCAD, we import our file in 3ds Max. In 3ds Max we create 3d structure. With the help of dimensions, we create the structure of our building. For example, you have created the structure of an office building in AutoCAD, now one by one you have to create every part. It’s your choice whether you have to start with the making of exterior or interior. One by one create each and every room and then objects which you want to keep. This whole process is known as modeling, after that, you give textures, lightning whether interior or exterior and at last, render it.






The course will prepare students to take on jobs as Interior Designers, Furniture Designer, Project Managers, Landscape Designer, Interior Furnishers, Product Designers, Set Designers, Freelancer & Entrepreneurs, Event Manager, Exhibition Designer etc.


Our course aims to develop learners’ skills and understanding needed to visualize, create, modify & craft preferred environs, for specific purposes and to high professional standards. Students, in addition to getting the requisite technical knowledge and skills to realize visualized intent, will develop a high level of competence in controlling the creative process from inception to design realization and communication.