EERA  Academy of visual arts offer specialized courses covering. EERA Academy comes in delhi top institutes of photography. Our courses are designed from basic level to Advance level of Photography . We provide short term, diploma photography courses.  our short term Photography module is for Those who wants to Know about Photography very Quickly and learn out the best. we focus on more and more Practice session. At Eera Academy  we  will be directed and given space to explore your  inner capabilities, through the visual medium of photography. In the context of creativity in visual arts, it’s our responsibility to know what is going on in the world of photography. we are located at South Delhi and one of the  top photography institute in Delhi. EERA  Academy gives a  platform for photography beginners, amateurs, enthusiasts and hobbyists. We are growing on a single set of mind where everyone is welcome to join us, and stimulate the inception of new ideas in this visual art & Photography with EERA. We are  in order to inculcate and motivate the art of photography in people. Our Diploma Program for those who want to take up Professional Photography every seriously and want to start their work soon after competition of the Diploma in Photography. EERA offers various opportunities to the Amateurs and Beginners to always keep in  them on their search of the perfect photograph. our Faculty help  them in learning the basics of photography which in further prevent them from making various basic mistakes that should be avoided in order to make a good photograph. EERA  offer many opportunities to the Amateurs and  Beginners to come out of from their homes and click. We organize Photography Workshops on all type of Photography topics. We have a facilitators with the industry Experienced  mentors who comes from a strong background with wide knowledge in photography. EERA  is the only school of photography of its kind where students will have access to the all photographic equipments and use it in different genres such as portraiture, landscape, documentary, abstract, fine art and fashion. our purpose is to provide professional  Creative Arts Education to Society. our we providing best education and training in the field of Design, Fashion, Media and fine art. EERA Academy have  actual work oriented course content. courses have designed by photography professionals. The syllabus covers several subjects, that is totally based on practical Experience. EERA  Academy of visual arts Run by professionals, who have a passion to teach. we offers high-quality courses at a very affordable fees.  The career options for photographers is wider because Photography is a Communication medium and at Present time we needed a visual for the Communication Process. Some of the  common areas of specialization that are trendy in Present time is  Digital photography, commercial photography, Product Photography, Food Photography and fashion photography. the minimum education needed to become a photographer is High School or Intermediate level of Education.


 For the aspiring photographer, there are many options available when it comes to this career choice. A new photographer may or may not want to take a degree program to increase their photography skills. They can choose where to work, and what subject they are interested in, whether it is sports, weddings, studios, etc. They can also choose whether to work freelance or for a company.


EERA Academy of Visual Art will give you the opportunity to learn a wide range of skills in an organized step-by-step approach. EERA Academy of Visual Art provide training that goes beyond the basics of photography technique.