Video Editing Foundation Course

The key object of the course is to edit and place the videos in front of audiences in a smart way that would attract them gaining profitability to your company. It also focuses on sharp features of editing with complete efficiency.


There are various aspects of the training program that are covered in the contents of course like-

• Introduction to basics and the purpose of the course
• Using formats that are HD and SD based
• Techniques of Non-Linear Editing
• Learning different types of films, televisions and cinemas and having a positive and a broader outlook in appreciating them
• Still and motion editing of sounds and videos
• Learning of different software’s and tactics to blend and separate
• Study of styles of editing of low budget to high budget movies, advertisements, etc.
• Understanding of tapes, digital formats, videos etc.

Course Duration: 1 Year
Eligibility: A candidate must be (10+2)

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