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The term “Fine Arts” refers to creative art, an art from rehearsed mainly for its asthetic value and its beauty rather than its fundamental value. The introduction to fine art program at EERA Academy of Visual Art aimed at student with an interest in fine art, or anybody who is art lover and scrutinizes the roles of the artists in society, how art relate to cultural identify, and the uniqueness of art in Indian Culture.

Career Opportunities:

Today, opportunities are increasing at a rapid rate in the fine art sector. Presently, youth in India is opting for this field to obtain high remuneration, popularity and prestige. They can join various fields such as Art Studio, Publishing house and can exhibit their art work in galleries. Many people are self employed as Artist in this field; Which enables them to work on various projects.


EERA Academy of Visual Art encourages creativity through a progressive curriculum dedicated to art, crafts and handicrafts. It gives child freedom of expression through various medium like drawing, painting, crafts, clay modelling, etc.